Frequent Questions

  1. Who we are and what we do?

    Maison du lusso is the 1st community of luxury sustainable world through our digital portal internationalization we give any luxury brand aims to achieve sustainable.

  2. What is luxury?

    Normally, the term luxury is associated with a lifestyle or consumption which means that everything has to be extremely unique, so it becomes more special.

  3. What is sustainable?

    It is often used synonymously sustainable in the field of ecology. Sustainable or sustainable process is one that can be maintained over time by itself, without outside help and without the shortage of existing resources occurs.

  4. How are achieved together these two concepts?

    Maison du Lusso through the community of ambassadors and social Maison, unifies these two concepts, revealing that a luxury is not necessarily something of great value and also can contribute to an increasingly sustainable world highlighting members the community and its products.

  5. How can I join this community?

    To enter the community, there are two types of signing up:

    • As Ambassador Maison, where membership for 1 year with portal access Maison and all its benefits is acquired.

    • As Social Maison, an invitation to small businesses that are given a space to form part of the community in our official blog.

  6. What requirements must I meet to enter?

    To enter, all members of the community, should take into consideration what is their contribution to Sustainable World through the SDG, and contribute in at least two of them.

  7. What are the SDGs?

    The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), or sustainable development goals are goals set by the UN for global development which seeks to improve the world through various activities.

  8. What benefit I get?

    Being part of the first community Sustainable luxury in the world, where each company's horizons are expanded also the opportunity to enhance your brand under our label Maison Du Lusso, which will certify the sustainability of service or product is given.

  9. What is the difference between the social maison and ambassadors?

    Ambassadors Maison, are consolidated integrators within the community where there is a personal portal and self administrable for each ambassador, unlike the Social Maison that are members of the community but with a different approach, where the space is given is shared with members Social Maison others within the blog.

  10. What is the maison label?

    The Maison certification seal is awarded by Maison du Lusso, which certifies the commitment to sustainability and development of SDG by your company.

  11. How to get the maison seal?

    • • Be registered in Maison du Lusso.
    • • Comply with at least 2 of the SDG's.
    • • The applicant must have a positive or indifferent impact to other SDG's.
    • • Categorized as a Sustainable Company (data guaranteeing as such).
  12. ¿Qué gano con el sello maison?

    The recognition inside and outside the community and to be endorsed as a sustainable company

  13. How to purchase a subscription?

    To purchase the subscription Ambassador Maison, it may be by electronic transfer or via PayPal after having been accepted by our committee.

  14. What is the duration of the subscription?

    Subscriptions are valid for a period of 12 months.