#Social Maison

Welcome to Social Maison, a symbol of the most important global impact. This category is home to the best selected exponents ranging from various large companies and local communities, to start-ups and small businesses, all of which have a strong potential to change the world.

In order to receive an invitation to be a part of this exclusively chosen group Social Maison, we are seeking and selecting members that have their own seal that characterizes them and helps to make them unique in their own way.

Selected exponents will be those who focus their work to create a better world, expand every day to create products and services of value, and above all, those who respect and share highly in the value of sustainable approaches that reconcile with the world of sustainable luxury.

Those who are part of this select group can enhance their brands, products and services, in addition to being contacted by various Ambassadors of the different areas of action that Maison du Lusso has. They can grow in this unique position to generate networks, contacts and endless opportunities all through the creation of the first sustainable luxury community in the world, Maison du Lusso.

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